Lori, Founder and Owner of TalkPsychic

Lori is the Founder and Owner of the TalkPsychic Telephone Network.

As a Master Psychic and Astrologer, Lori has provided readings for people around the world. Her clients have relied on her for spot-on readings that leave them feeling better about their futures and empowered to choose the best path. She launched the TalkPsychic service in 1996 to bring the benefits of a professional psychic reading to anyone with a telephone! Lori’s sincere dedication to providing the absolute best psychic-reading experience for all of her clients has been the driving factor in the success and longevity of the service.

Today Lori continues to run the daily operations of the top-rated TalkPsychic network. This includes testing every reader who answers calls to make sure they meet her standards for quality, accuracy and compassion! She’s proud of the top-rated team of Psychics, Astrologers, Mediums and Tarot Masters she’s assembled over the past two decades. She’s placed her confidence and trust in each reader on her service to provide her clients with an outstanding psychic experience!


TalkPsychic has been in continual operation longer than any other telephone network in existence today!

Founded in 1996 by Master Psychic Lori, this network has been in continual operation longer than any other phone network.

From the beginning

When Lori founded the company, everything was still done “old-school.”  Advertising was mostly done on TV, Radio, and print ads. Customers would call a phone number, and the call would be routed to the the next psychic available. Over time, the system was enhanced to allow callers to select their psychic by extension.

High Tech Connection

Now clients can visit the TalkPsychic.com website and see a list of all the psychics. They can view who is available for calls and see who is busy. They can read the profiles and see the various skills and abilities of everyone who reads on our system. And even though their call will be routed across the country to reach their psychic, every customer can rest assured that TalkPsychic’s high-tech connection ensures the best experience on every call.

Still Just A Phone Call Away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Of course, even with all the advancements in technology, our top-rated psychics, mediums and tarot readers are still just a simple phone call away!

You can be connected to a great reader by simply calling 1-888-813-2277. Our readers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Years in Service

Psychic Experts

Hours Available Daily


View a live listing of our psychic experts. See who is available, read bios and review each expert’s skills and speciaties. Also view our special offers and subscribe to our free daily horoscopes!

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